Visual identity

The first challenge was to equip with a visual identity that would look professional and modern to attract potential investors and leaders of the fashion industry. A vibrant violet as the brand color and a mix of a serif and sans-serif typeface was the ideal choice to represent the combination of technology and fashion as it's the origin of We brought their new identity to life by redesigning the website, the pitch deck, and other brand assets for social media. Furthermore, we created a unique set of 60+ icons that serve their brand appearance and their product's interface.

Logo idea explanation

Identity guideline overview

Selected icons from the icon set

Website preview

Product challenge

Fashion designers are usually not experienced in working with neural networks and artificial intelligence within their creative process. Together with the engineering team, we developed a concept to make their technology accessible for a fashion designer in the simplest way. Through an iterative process, we designed the product's interface and the overall user experience. 

Assistant view with generated designs

Adding a design to a collection

Sign in & register form

Onboarding steps

Edit account view

Train your assistant (model) and upload datasets

Detail view of generated design item

Tutorial to upload optimal datasets

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