As the name of The Circuit Board happens to be quiet figurative, there was a clear starting point to develop a visual concept. To take up on the look and feel of circuits board, I chose bold, primary colours and geometric shapes as the fundament of the identities aesthetic. Furthermore, The Circuit Board was defined by wide-ranging expertise in the field of technology and lifestyle. To represent this orientation, I translated these fields into visual language. The hexagon shapes symbolizes the technology extreme while the circle stands for the organic and lifestyle part. As a result, the logos icon became the synthesis of both shapes - an overlapping hexagon and circle.
The elegant sans-serif typeface, Raleway, was a perfect fit to this design approach, this it was geometrically inspired and characterized by the contrast of round and sharp shapes. Another typifying element of the visual identity became the usage of lowercase initials which was inspired by the typographical appearance of code and programming languages.
Through a kinetic explorations of circles and hexagons, I created different patterns that would serve as visuals for other brand assets. As result, a created the logo alongside with a brand identity system, business cards, infographics and animations, keynote templates and a website concept for The Circuit Board.

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