When we had the initial idea to create Aimy Rocks we were young students. And we knew how exhausting it was to organize with friends. Incomplete websites, complicated content, group chats with hours of voting - coordinating with each other is usually a huge waste of time. Also, some of these event platforms work with questionable data policies, but are the only place to find events in the area. Therefore we have decided to create a system to that solves all those problems. 
So imagining you find an interesting event – with Aimy Rocks you just 'channel' it into when of your group chats (called Channels). Inside the channel everybody is able to vote on your suggestion.
When you're the host of a public event you get anonymous insides about the feedback on your event. That helps you to optimize your plannings and expectations for each event.
A native app version of Aimy Rocks is coming soon. If you're interested in trying Aimy Rocks feel free to visit our platform. We don't even have a log-in wall. Thank you!
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