Why would anybody need another event app?

Well, when we had the initial idea to create Aimy Rocks we were young students – and parties and other events were obviously a big thing for us. After moving away from our hometown, we sadly noticed how exhausting it was to organize with friends. Communicating and plannings – especially within groups – usually required a lot of effort and only led to poor compromises. On top of that, existing event platforms were working with questionable data policies, but were the only chance to find local events.
Approach & concept
To solve those problems, we started conceptualize and design a tool that would make it easy for people to connect. Users should to able to find and hosts events and gather with like-minded people. In fact, we wanted to create an event platform that would be accessible and safe for everyone. User tests showed that people are curious to browse events before signing up to a new platform. That’s why we made the public event feed the center of the app.​​​​​​​
Solution: we connected group chats and events
We solved the challenge of easy decision-finding in group chats by creating a voting tool that appears as an interface element inside the chat. The channel button is the intersection between event feed and the users channels. It makes it easy share events in selected channels.
As a result, we launched Aimy Rocks as a fully responsive web app that could be used on mobile devices, tablets and desktops in English and German language. To grow a user base, we created a modern and fresh brand identity for Aimy Rocks to target young people with various interests and backgrounds. With bright colors and a simple graphical elements, we created a recognizable look that would put the actual events in scene. Therefore we designed ads and stores for social media, posters, stickers and other brand assets.
If you're interested in trying Aimy Rocks feel free to visit our platform.
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