Why would anybody need another event app?
When we (Toni Minge and me) had the initial idea to create Aimy Rocks, we were young students – and parties and other events were a big thing for us. After moving away from our hometown, we sadly noticed how exhausting it was to organize with friends. Communicating and plannings – especially within groups – usually required much effort and only led to poor compromises. We didn't want to depend on Facebook Events, and we identified significant potential in improving the user experience of privacy management and group chats. So we set out to build our event platform. In 2017, we co-founded Aimy Rocks with Manuel Funk, and shortly after, we launched our platform.
My responsibility:
As co-founder, I led the design, strategy, and business administration. I created an overall design concept for a cohesive brand experience, from the business stationery to the user interface. I conducted user research, including usability testing and interviews, and pitched ideas to investors, business angels, and brand partners.
Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, proto.io
User Interviews, Design Sprint, Usability tests, Prototyping 
We started the work of defining a list of goals for our platform:
1. Users should be able to connect easily with like-minded people in the real world.
2. Users should feel safe using the app.
3. Group chats should be streamlined and efficient. 
Using the design sprint methodology and input from potential users, we created the initial concept of Aimy Rocks. Since events were the key to social connection, they became the center of the app (event feed). We gave users complete control in deciding which and when to share contact details. On top, we connected group chats and events. Users could easily share events in multiple groups and directly vote within the chat about where to go. (That might sound trivial today, but no app did this in 2018)
In 2018, we launched Aimy Rocks as a fully responsive web app that worked equally well on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops in English and German. With a big release party in Leipzig, we generated more than 100 users on the release day. In addition, through social media marketing partnerships with brands and event locations, Aimy Rock constantly gained more users.
Then, in 2020, Covid threw a wrench in the works. There were no more events, and the activity on Aimy Rocks dwindled. At this point, we stopped the promotion of the platform, but it's still online and working. Visit Aimy Rocks here: https://aimy.rocks/

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